4 Tips For Making A Long Distance Online Dating Relationship Work

Alot of online dating relationships develop into long distance ones simply because of the ease of getting to know someone. If you’re someone who is having a hard time meeting someone locally, then maybe an online dating relationship is right for you. You will have to be aware of the fact that the person that you fall in love with may live thousands of miles away from you. If you can live with this reality, then maybe you should consider pursuing an online dating relationship with a woman.

If your online dating relationship is long distance, you’d be surprised if you’re thinking it can’t work. The truth of the matter is that a lot of long distance relationships work because the two people work hard at keeping it sustained. Eventually you-two will meet and will see each other face to face, but until that time comes, you will have to settle for a phone relationship.

If you met someone online recently and are currently engaged with a long distance relationship with them, here are some tips for making it work for you.

1) Make it a priority

One of your priorities in life should be to make your long distance relationship work. You should treat your relationship in the same way that you treat any other relationship that you’ve had. If you-two communicate by email everyday, make it a priority to send her a message everyday. Show her how much you care so that she can feel special. These are just little things that you can do to make your relationship work.

2) Call her often

You don’t have to call every minute but you should at least speak to her on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if this is once every night or once every other night. It may become natural to talk for hours at a time – and this is fine on some occasions. You want to talk about anything – even the small little thing that happened to you at the grocery store for example. Your goal is to become her best friend, and you her best friend, and this is what calling her often will help you to do.

3) Let her miss you

Even though you should call often, you should give her some time to miss you also. A great way to do that is to shorten your phone conversations. If you currently talk for 2 hours every night, shorten it to 30 minutes everyday. This will give her more time to think about you and to think about what you are doing.

It helps to do this because it allows your relationship to grow. You don’t have to stay huddled up over each other when talking on the phone. Give her some room to breathe and learn how to let her miss you sometimes. This can help to strengthen the relationship.

4) Don’t get jealous

You never want to get jealous over the things that she’s doing in her personal life. Don’t become a bother to her and start asking her what she’s doing every 20 seconds. You will have to learn to be patient when doing a long distance relationship, and sometimes this means not getting jealous. Keep your cool and everything will be alright.

All 4 of these tips for sustaining a long distance online dating relationship is very helpful if you use them.