An Insight Into The History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world today. When it comes to playing this popular game in casinos, you will find that the people in Europe play the game differently from the people in the USA. The systems in both these nations are different from one another. If you take a look into the history of this game, you will find that it has an interesting blend of mathematics and gambling. The name also has reference the little wheel that was popular in France. There are three systems of roulette and they are the European Roulette, the American Roulette and the French Roulette. Today, you can play online casino roulette if you wish to in addition to the local places where it can be played.

Meet an ardent lover of Roulette in the USA

Apparao Mukkamala from Oklahoma is a student and he has a keen interest in casino games, sports and theater. He says that when it comes to playing casino games, he not only delves into playing tips and skills but he has an active interest in the history of the game. He says when it comes to roulette many people from across the globe are fascinated with the game.

How do you play roulette?

He says that the idea of roulette is very simple and you can learn to play the game in just a few days. As a player, you may place a bet either on a series or a single number. This is generally determined by the two colors red and black or whether the number is an odd one or an even one. The coupier will determine the winning color or number when he or she spins the wheel. The wheel is generally spun into one direction and the ball goes in the opposite direction. There is a track on which the ball spins on. This track is on the circumference of the roulette wheel. Once the ball slows down, it falls on the wheel either in the numbered or colored pockets. The American Roulette system has 38 pockets whereas the European and French Roulette System has 37 pockets.

How was roulette invented?

There is a belief that the popular game of roulette was found in France and invented in the 18th century. The famous mathematician Blaise Pascal was the key person behind the invention of the roulette wheel. He came across a primitive version of the wheel when he was looking for a machine with perpetual motion. There is another version where it is believed that the popular casino game derived inspiration from the Italian Board Games like Hoca and Biribi.

Irrespective of its origins and history, Apparao Mukkamala says that roulette is surely one of the most widely popular and sought-after casino games in the world today. He is fond of playing the game and says that he never misses the chance to play the game locally or online whenever he is free from studies and his other hobbies and interests!