Can Polka Dots Be Both Stylish And Fun?

The polka dot has traditionally been seen on personalities like Minnie Mouse and sang around with itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow bikini’s, but is it time that the style element evolves back to the high fashion stakes once again?

Display icons have sported the polka dot such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe but two fashionista’s of the day. Designers have had love affairs with polka dots through the years; and our catwalks once more hailing these sirens with the trend sprouting up and demonstrating that 1950s polka dot dress needs to be taken very seriously indeed in the fashion stakes.

Let’s see what is to prove That It’s back and hail to the Polka Dot:


Cutsie 1950’s styled polka dot dresses haven’t actually left the choice scenes and have been available during the last few seasons, but they’re now hitting the mainstream and why not? So feminine is cut and oh. They flatter all body types and sport a halter neck. You can find in Unique-vintage, Vintagedancer, Zapaka sites. They may be bold, fun and cutsie, but could also be quite serious if selected in Monochrome and a true honor to the Audrey Hepburn inspiration.

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If you’re unsure about sporting the fad, then why not try an accent by picking a dot bag? Many the styled satchels, clutches and messenger bags are available at the moment and may be subtly styled with paler in pinks and creams, or bolder with red or black and white patterns! The styled tote can be an excellent way of sporting this tendency but shouldn’t be combined with other patterns such as florals, but might work well with stripes. This appearance is very on trend at this time.

Source of pictures: Zapaka

Shoes and Sandals

Another terrific addition to your wardrobe are polka dot shoes or shoes, they could work exceptionally well with the identical style clutch and may again add this tendency to any present favorite outfits with an easy addition.

Source of pictures: Zapaka


For people who like to two bits of a fad or accent with one and people who like to match, the polka dot accessories are a simple addition and can work with any outfit. Try a scarf tied around your handbag for an instant style update? Dotty tights can work nicely with your work wardrobe and hair sprays and flower accessories are popular at the moment and can be added not only to your own hair, but also pinned to blouses, hats and coats.

You should also try out a number of our fashion tips and choose this fashion icon quite seriously this season, they’re a critical fashion addition to any wardrobe and can either add a business edge to your wardrobe or a pleasure almost playful border, based on the form of polka dot picked and the color of the pattern. Brighter polka dots won’t ever go out of style and are enjoyable whilst monochrome is timeless.