Celebrity Blogs: A Mirror To The Celebrity Soul

Blogging is popular with lot of people, young and old, rich and not-so-rich, professionals and freelancers, athletes and celebrities. Of all the blogs that are available in the Internet, blogs written by celebrities are the ones that are read the most.

Why is this? Simply because these people are celebrities, and people will care no matter what Justin Bieber writes on his blog, whether it is about the brand of shampoo that he uses, or his latest gig at an unknown island, or even as simple as him having zits.

As celebrities and athletes (or the assistants who write their blogs) write on their blog, it shares with their adoring public a part of themselves, which makes the blog seem like a personal letter.

For the fans, it feels like their beloved celebrity is talking to them. Having these blogs written by celebrities, serves as the closest that a fan can get to having a conversation with their idol. Here are a couple of celebrities that are actively blogging.

  • Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver

My favorite celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver’s website is updated regularly by none other than himself. Though there are people who design and manage his website for him, it is the celebrity chef who writes all the content in his website. Whether it is about his newly-discovered recipe, or his travel experiences abroad, Jamie Oliver’s website always has something new for his fans. His regularly updated posts, complete with regular photos, gives all the Jamie Oliver fans (including myself) a heads up on what Jamie Oliver has been up to.

This allows fans to also communicate with him, since there is an option for visitors to comment on what Jamie Oliver posted.

  • Former Spice Girl Victoria “Posh” Beckham

Another celebrity, former spice girl Victoria “Posh” Beckham, wife of (another celebrity) football star, David Beckham, dVb style, a regularly-updated blog site that is a part of the official Victoria Beckham website. Her blog page is more personal, with photos of Mrs. Beckham’s personal life, such as a photo shoot in whatever location she is, or anything she feels like saying, such as famous quotes and insights on life. Like the Jamie Oliver blog page, visitors can comment on anything that the former Spice Girl posts on the internet.

While these blogs certainly create more publicity for these people, it is important to remember that they are already celebrities even before they started their own blog (or before someone else started doing it for them).

Their blogs aren’t the main reason why they are popular with the public and the media. Their personal brand and what they do are the main reasons why these celebrities are popular in the first place. Having these websites and personal blogs (and now, a verified account on Twitter and Facebook pages), only gives them more access to their fans, allowing the public and the media to feed on whatever personal information these celebrities might share. Or post. Or tweet. Or blog.

Whatever information celebrities like Jamie Oliver and Posh Spice may divulge, having this information allows the public and media to have something to spread to other people. For the media and paparazzi, it makes their jobs easier because they do not have to follow these celebrities 24/7. It definitely serves as a way to get to know these people better and gives us a mirror to their souls.

You might not be a celebrity, but you can definitely have a blog that makes you look like one.