Do Online Dating Relationships Really Last?

You’ve seen the eHarmony commercials where a guy and a girl are talking about how they hooked up on the website and were of course iffy about it at first, but ended up getting married and living happily ever after – right? Is it really true?

Even though online dating is becoming more acceptable, there is still a little hesitation and secrecy that go along with it. People are embarrassed to admit that they’re trying out online dating or that their date for the weekend is someone they’ve only known via an online dating profile. But, there’s no need for that. With the divorce rate skyrocketing, there is actually a better chance that your online dating relationship will stand the test of time and you’ll both probably be happy during the entire duration of, well, forever.

Here are some reasons online dating relationships DO really last and have a higher rate of success:

Common Interests:

In the world of online dating, you can instantly sift pat thousands of online dating profile pictures and land on just a few that have your common interests. This means you instantly have a bond that will not be easy to break once you find the person you click with. You will be able to do things you both enjoy regularly and the time you spend together will have more quality and this is one of the first and most important aspects of a healthy, happy relationship.

Common Goals:

People that are matched through online dating services are often done so according to their goals, outlooks and perspectives on life in general. For example: They both want a family or they both have common life philosophies. When meeting someone offline this conversation about common goals – where you see yourself in five years, if you want family, how you would raise and family and so on – comes much later in the relationship and, once the conversation is had, it can END the relationship. But, when meeting people online, all of these goals are already out in the open, so it will weed out folks that aren’t a good match in this area.


Unlike dating in the offline world where the first several dates will often be spent trying to open up a good communication to where both of you are actually flying your true colors and not trying to overly impress each other, online dating is more effective. For example, when meeting through an online dating service you generally get to know each other through messages and emails. Because you’re not physically together when this happens, you’re actually building the other part of the relationship (communication) first instead of second. This means that your relationship will build FIRST off of open conversation and communication and secondly off of physical attraction.

After reading the above examples of how online dating often beats old fashioned offline dating, it’s easy to see how online dating relationships will last longer. However, the first key to finding a long-term relationship via your online dating profile is to build a strong dating profile first – one that showcases who you are and what you want so you can attract the person you’re looking for.

You need to always take into account how you’re portraying yourself in your online dating profile, especially your dating headshot. If you’re trying to be too sexy for the camera or you have your shirt off to show off your washboard abs or if your photo is too pixilated or distorted, then potential long-term relationships will pass right by your profile.