How to apply for a learner’s license online

A learner’s license is a temporary document that a person learning to drive a motor vehicle gets but with restrictions until satisfaction of requirements to get a driver’s license.

There might be slight variances to apply online in various states or countries, but it is simple for anyone. You only need to know the how about the application and tick all the checkboxes on the form. Here is how to apply for a learner’s licenser online.

  1. Find the application website online

 Find the site of the local licensing body on the web and choose driving license services from the available options on the homepage.  It will likely open another tab in the browser and take you to a separate page.

  1. Select your state

 Most learner license application portals have a drop down menu from where you choose the state

  1. Select apply online and add best custom essay writing services new learner’s license from its drop-down menu. Follow all the instructions you find on the page.

Remember to focus on these requirements when filling for your learner’s license online.

Comprehend and follow instructions

Type your name as it appears in other formal identification documents. Check if there is a requirement to upload a document for proof of address and date of birth.  Age is an essential factor in driving as you must be of a specific age to get a learners or drivers license. Some schools do not consider one document to proof address and DOB but ask for different documents for verification. You should scan and upload copies of both and produce them when you visit in person.

These are some of the documents that you can upload to proof date of birth or residing address.

  • School leaving certificate
  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • Recent electricity or telephone bill
  • A house tax receipt slip by an office working for local body, state or central government.

 You also need to upload a passport size photo and signature separately but make sure that they do not exceed the max size. The passport should be that which you took recently. The form you find online requires filling, marking the appropriate boxes, signing, scanning, and uploading.  You can still perform all these procedures from a computer or iPad.

Avoid last minute rush when you visit the appropriate office by booking a slot for the body that you will attend. Make sure to reserve a slot for any other days that you will visit.


You will pay a specific fee for a learner’s license depending on the vehicle category.  Do not make payment through any online gateway before you determine if it is functioning correctly. Getting a refund from such system will be difficult.

Physical presence

 In some places, it is mandatory for an applicant to go in person to a license issuing office.  Carry all the documents uploaded during the online application. Staple them together and present them at the first counter from where you will get other instructions. Remember to carry any fee that the office may require to process your learner’s license if the payment gateway is not functional.