Integrity, the Mainframe of a Reputable Lifestyle

The society we live today does not really encourage a lifestyle that is reputable. From the universal point of view judging by the local, immediate environment to the world as a whole. Taking a cue from the conspicuous societal lifestyle will be very injurious to the development of younger ones. The society we live is the type in which integrity is no longer considered as the springboard to a proper lifestyle. I have noticed from personal observations that integrity is an essential factor that must be emphasized by all and sundry. Why do we complain of a moribund society where everything seems to be in an unprecedented shambles that supports nothing good? It is simply because integrity is missing. Which means until we allow integrity in every of our endeavor we may not still get it right. It is therefore high time we understood that hard-work only gets a man to the top and that it is integrity that keeps him there.

Integrity according to Oxford English lexicon is honesty! Being complete and unified. A reputable lifestyle in the same vein, is the such that can be vouched for in all ramifications! It is a unique identity that is not meant for everyone. lifestyle is a way of life in which individual has his/her exclusive right to choose how he/she wants to live it. The reason most things are wrong in the society today is as a result of lifestyle that is not founded on proper integrity.

I am convinced the reason the society has lost its place in terms of integrity can be attributed to the level of development in the society. Our society is is the one in which everything is moving very fast at supersonic rate to say the least! Parents do no longer spend quality time with their children. It seems we are much more interested in making more money and our career at the nonchalant expense of grooming a change that will benefit our society. This is a society where parents make up to their children the time lost in material things like computer games and toys..

Psychology has indicated that a child needs a very significant attention of his parents in terms of encouragement, motivation and guidance for proper attitudinal development towards life, during the early stage of self discovery! We all know that a very big vacuum that nothing can actually fill now exists in a child that grows without all these arrangements in place. It is believed that such may never be able to develop proper lifestyle that is accepted by the society. If children truly are the future leaders, we must do something to ensure that their self integrity, the sense of right that makes doing the wrong a no go area is well developed.

Integrity has been abandoned for a very long time in the world politics especially in undeveloped and developing country, which is evident in its conspicuous toll on the entire world. I therefore submit that everybody should be solely involved in instilling in their wards honesty and fairness, this is because it aids in building lasting reputation. The society as a whole especially the iconic individuals and our leaders should set good examples and desists from acts that are baleful to good reputation.