Irfan Pathan announces his retirement from cricket

All-rounder for India Cricket Team, Irfan Pathan, announced today (on Saturday), that he would be retiring immediately from professional cricket.

Irfan Pathan made his international debut in 2003. He played cricket for over 1.6 decades. Irfan was a cricketer before February 2019, despite not playing in any international fixtures since 2012.

Highlights of Irfan Pathan

Irfan Pathan was an Indian cricketer who played 29 Tests, 120 OIs, and 24 T20s.

Irfan Pathan won 100 wickets in Tests. He also took 173 wickets for ODIs. Irfan Pathan scored 28 wickets in T20Is.

Irfan Pathan, the only bowler who has taken a hat trick in the first over of a Test match to date, is Irfan Pathan.

“I am announcing my retirement from all forms and cricket. It’s been a privilege to be in this room. Irfan Pathan stated that he was calling it quits on his livelihood.

“I would like to express my gratitude to my family for their support. My loved ones are my greatest source of support. They were there for me during my recovery. They have kept me moving.

Amazing hat-trick by Pakistani at Karachi

Irfan Pathan, who made his debut against Australia, caught the attention of the world with his talent. India won the match against Australia with Pathan taking wicket of Matthew Hayden.

Irfan was the Indian bowler who achieved this feat in a 28-year-old Test match against Pakistan in Karachi. He also received an Evaluation hat trick. Pathan was the only bowler to score a hat trick from the 1st. He also removed Salman Butt (Younis Khan) and Mohammad Yousuf.

Irfan was named Man of the Match in the T20 World Cup 2007. He had taken 3 wickets in four overs and conceded only 16 runs.

Irfan Pathan’s one hundredth birthday was in Pakistan, when he reached the markers against India at Bengaluru 2007.

He was not able to overcome his injuries and become the world’s best bowler, but Irfan ability was considered India’s balance.

Indian cricket will continue to be the leading force.

“I will continue leading Indian cricket, but it is always better if someone else takes my place at the cricket. Star Sports spoke to Pathan on Saturday. “There are many different things in my future and I will keep focusing on them,” he said.

“I’ve played in national cricket as well as Jammu and Kashmir cricket. I was inspired by last year to continue my career.

Jammu and Kashmir’s last outing was on February 27, 2019, at the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Twenty-eight championship against Kerala.

Irfan Pathan worked as an analyst for television broadcasters, performing comment and function stints. Irfan Pathan combined the Jammu and Kashmir Ranji Trophy Group in April.

Irfan Pathan was the winner of the T20 World Cup 2007 with India. He represented the senior team in 120 OCIs, 29 Tests, and 24 T20Is. The all-rounder was averaging over 2500 runs and he took 301 wickets.