The Best Jeans For Tall Women

Jeans come with a variety of styles and washes. But which jeans are best for tall women? Here’s all you need to know about tall denim tea. Gather your tall friends, and sit down at our style table to learn everything you need about choosing the perfect tall jeans.

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What is tall?

Before we can find the best jeans for tall ladies, it is important to first define what constitutes tall. Although it has been debated for many years, there is still no definitive answer. The average height for women in the US stands at 5’4”. The fashion industry considers women who are at least 5’8″ taller than the average American woman to be in the “tall” category. This is just an opinion. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t identify as being tall. It is important to remember that tall heights can be amazing and should be celebrated.

What are some challenges to fitting a jean for tall women?

It is impossible to discuss the best jeans and fit for tall women without mentioning the many challenges that tall women face.

Long inseams

The most important factor is length. It can be difficult to find long inseams. Brick and mortar shops rarely stock longer inseams. Even though online options are growing, it’s still difficult to find them. Tall women will have to choose a shorter jean, or a taller boot to make their jeans appear longer. This is a fashion trick tall women shouldn’t have to do, but when there aren’t many options, it can become a necessity.

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The right rise

Rise is a close second to length. Although tall people aren’t all the same, they can often have a longer torso. Standard rises don’t take this into consideration and are often shorter than necessary. A low-rise will fit lower, while a mid-rise might be more comfortable for shorter people. This is why tall women have to be careful about how they fit their jeans.

Stylist tip: Uncertain where the right height should be? Low-rises should be placed at the hip or lower. Mid-rises will be between your hips and your navel. A high-waisted, or high-rise, will land between your hip and navel.

What jeans are best for tall women?

We’ve covered the challenges of fitting tall women. Now what?

This is the simple answer: The jeans that tall women feel great in are the jeans they should be wearing.

These are helpful tips to help you find the right pair of jeans for your unique style, shape and height. Jeans that are taller than average can be found. You can try on the jeans to see if they fit you. You should try on many options before you make a decision about which tall jeans are best for you. You may have to kiss a style Frog, just like Princess Tiana.

Know your measurements.

Nearly every online store has a size chart. You can compare your measurements with the size chart and then order the closest match. It’s a red flag if the garment doesn’t give any measurements. You can tag the item, but you should look for taller denim that accurately outlines its true size.

Stylist tip: A tailor can accurately measure your measurements. A single visit to the tailor can help you get started on years of online success.

Check out the reviews.

9 out of 10 times, the question you have about jeans is answered in a review. Learn more. When choosing the right tall jeans, take the good with the bad.

Seek convenience.

You can find the perfect tall jeans by navigating through your search with ease thanks to free shipping, free returns, extended return windows, and no packaging fees. Online shopping should be as safe as possible. We guarantee you won’t regret.

Learn about fabrics.

Before you order the perfect tall jeans, take a look at the denim options in your wardrobe, the closet of a friend, or online. It is important to be familiar with the different materials before you can choose the right jean option for you. You may be surprised to learn that many fabric shops post YouTube videos that show how different materials compare for customers. There are many resources available on fabrication, so make sure you look them up before placing your order.

Refer to the model.

Many retailers include the model’s height in their description of the garment. Virtual displays allow you to view the movements of models in pieces that you are considering ordering. These tools can be used to help you find the perfect jeans for tall women.

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What jeans are best for curvy, tall women?

These are great tips for tall women. But what about tall curvy women who want to wear jeans? The best tip is to find the right stretch to highlight your curves. There are many ways to find curvy jeans, but it is important that you do your research before you make a decision. You won’t be able to tell the difference between jeans and other things until you actually try them.

What jeans can I buy at Stitch Fix to fit tall women?

Stitch Fix believes style doesn’t have to be small. We have a mission to find the best jean fits for every woman, and tall jeans are one of those challenges. We currently have long inseams of 31″-34″ and are expanding our size (and length!) We aim to offer a wider selection of denim in order to make it more accessible. Madewell, Democracy and Joes Jeans are our most loved brands for tall denim. This is only a small selection of the tall inseam options, which includes classic skinnies and trendy wide-leg styles. We strive to find the best jeans for tall ladies.

Stitch Fix has a longer inseam for shorts?

We couldn’t stop talking about Stitch Fix’s inseam shorts, as summer is just around the corner. Trendy options in 6″-15” inseams will keep you cool and stylish. Stitch Fix has a variety of short lengths to suit all body types, including light-washed distressed denim and polished Bermuda shorts.

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Are you looking for jeans that will fit your tall frame perfectly? Our style experts will be happy to help you. Take our style quiz to order your Fix. Ask your stylist to recommend a selection of jeans with longer inseams. You will receive five items you can test at home. You will have even greater peace of mind knowing that shipping and returns are free.