Lee McIntyre – Instant Internet Lifestyle Is On Sale

If you are struggling to make ends meet in these difficult times and are interested in making money online, then Lee McIntyre has developed a superb product that gives you a first class overview of the truths about what online marketing really involves.

With a vast array of products available from hundreds of online marketers, it is very difficult to know where to begin when searching for a decent, honest, product, that is going to give you the true information that you need without leaving you feeling out of pocket.

Lee has released the set of videos of his workshop that he delivered in 2009, in Manchester, and packaged it under the name Instant Internet Lifestyle and this is On Sale now. These videos are professionally recorded and presented in eight separate modules that completely cover the whole spectrum of running a successful online business using strategies that are the opposite of what most online marketers are doing.

Lee is really one of the ‘Good guys’ of a business that can sometimes appear ropey and his previous role as a teacher shines through in the entertaining and humorous manner that underpins the entire workshop. Lee tells all about his Instant Internet Lifestyle this is all On Sale!

The business strategies that Lee portrays during this two day event remind me of some of the famous ‘Spiritual Entrepreneurs’ such as Jack Cranfield and John Assaraf, who talk of giving more away for less, which actually generates more income in the long run as people realize what great value the products give, and they trust the seller enough to buy their products over and over again.

Lee also goes over many topics that cover the whole range of methods, from designing a ‘front end’ product to running a membership site, and many more in between. Instant Internet Lifestyle is On Sale.

As well as the newbie, this workshop will also suit someone that already runs an online business and wants to know proven strategies that will boost their profits into much more rewarding position and create a long lasting effect for the future.

Lee used all these strategies shown in this workshop to propel his business from nothing to $147,000 a month in only two years!

This package sells for £19.95 and really is a no brainier for this price, when you consider that many of the people present paid $997.00 to attend the workshop. You get over 12 hours of content that includes unannounced bonuses including secret sessions and transcripts of the whole event all which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone to be viewed offline and your download page stays active for life!