Amazing tips for shopping for charity clothes

Amazing tips for shopping for charity clothes

It can seem impossible to find clothing that fits you in a charity clothes shop. You can find some amazing pieces if you do a little bit of research.

You can find rare pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, and you can feel good about knowing that you are supporting a great cause by buying sustainable fashion.

With an open mind, a few tricks and some creativity, you can reinvent your wardrobe by walking into charity shops. This is possible even if you don’t have a lot of money.

Vintage clothing is a great option

It’s unlikely that you will find the most current styles and trends at your local charity shop. The key to finding timeless pieces that don’t go out of style is finding timeless pieces.

Although your Oxfam may not have clothes right off the runway, it will likely be filled with vintage items.

Be open-minded when you start your search. There are some incredible clothes you could find in charity shops.

You should aim to find unique, affordable clothes

The most thrilling part about charity shopping is, without a doubt the excitement of finding a rare gem.

Although finding the right item can seem like looking for a needle in an ahaystack to you, you will get more satisfaction working for it than if you try to replicate the style of a Topshop mannequin.

You might find something that you don’t normally think of buying (but really love), or an item from a designer at a great price. Although it is unlikely, you might be able to find a pair of Levi Jeans for just fivers or a Moschino Belt for only 50p.

Get label-free products

Insider tip: Many high street shops will make deals with local charities to donate stock that hasn’t been sold during fashion sales. They often need to remove labels from the clothes as part of the deal.

It is worth looking out for items with labels that have been intentionally removed. These items could be unworn and donated. On weekdays, you will often visit charity shops

What’s the best time to visit charity shops?

Charity shops are often stocked with new stock every day, which is a big difference from many high-street stores.

You might not find anything one day but there may be something tomorrow. Because there is less competition for the best items, weekdays are the best days to charity shop.

Shop staff can be friends

It is a great idea to try to be friendly with staff at charity shops.

Staff will be more inclined to help you find the right charity shop or point you in the right direction if they are more familiar with your style. It pays to be kind!

Do not be afraid to tell them what you like. They’ll go the extra mile for you if they consider you a loyal and friendly customer.

Be patient and go rummaging to find the best clothes

High street brands are likely to invest in store layouts to make them as user-friendly as possible. But don’t expect charity shops to do the same.

  • Many charity shops won’t allow you to organize items by size or colour, so it is important that you are ready to rummage.
  • However, this works in your favor as other shoppers may find it more difficult to find the best items.

Online charity shops

You don’t want to leave your home but you still want to thrift in the UK. Online charity shopping is now possible from your couch. Some charities have their own websites, but many others sell directly from eBay.

The best online charity shops

  • Oxfam
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Sense
  • British Red Cross.

Check for flaws in clothes from charity shops.

  • Don’t buy before you try. This is the golden rule for charity clothing shopping.
  • Vintage items can have very different measurements, especially if they are vintage. A size 10 in 1970 is quite different from a size 10 today.
  • This means you shouldn’t be afraid to try on clothes not in your normal size, or to assume that something will fit because it is the same size as you normally wear.
  • However, you should not rule out a problem as a result of a fault. Consider whether it could be repurposed into something more.
  • Becky Hughes, an Instagrammer, has answered our questions about how she was able to buy clothes from charity shops that were not her size.

You can choose charity shops based upon your location

Most people have heard the saying that charity shops with the highest donations are located in the richest areas of town. They get donations from people who have a lot of money. These items can include things that are barely worn or even ones with a high price tag.

It’s true that designer brands are more common in wealthy areas. However, charity shops also know that charity clothing shoppers often travel to these areas to seek them out. Prices can become quite high because of this. Don’t be afraid if you feel you are being overpriced.

Imagine charity shops in different settings.

Most charity shops are not the most extravagant. Charity shops, on the other hand, can look dull and boring compared to high-end chains that invest heavily in lighting, decor, and music. When looking for bargains in charity shops, you’ll need to be creative.

Imagine the item in Zara’s front window, on a magazine cover or on your favorite fashion icon. Looks much better now, right?

Donate your clothes

Charity shops depend on donations to survive. If you don’t donate, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of all those treasures.

Clear out your wardrobe and donate any clothes that you don’t wear. This will free up space, and you’ll also be helping a good cause.

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