The Dating-Relationship Game – Ladies, Are We Compromising Our Morals For Men’s Sake?

Ladies, what are the rules and regulations in the dating game for us? I think that this question is a major problem in dating concerning women. Do we make the rules and regulations clear when we are dating? Do we even have any rules or expectations when dating? Do we just naturally enter the dating scene with our dreams in hopes of them becoming our reality? Maybe we do not share or discuss dating expectations out of fear of rejection; but we still want the men to play the game in our favor. I think we are losing ourselves in the dating/relationship game. We are changing our beliefs, lifestyles and goals to the expectations of our “prospective mates”. We have compromised our morals all for the sake of one day having a meaningful relationship. Our upbringings, society, and low self esteem are major players in the reason for women engaging and holding on to unhealthy relationships.

Ladies, do you think we are compromising our morals in hopes of getting a loving, committed relationship? Do we somehow believe if we lower our standards, the man will rise to the occasion. When dating, why would we agree to have a child; but, the man has not mentioned marriage? So, are we expecting him to love and support a child; but, he is not willing to love and support you before God? When dating, why would we cook him food, clean his home, and wash his clothes; but you are not his wife? Remember, if he is already getting all the benefits of a married man, why would he commit to you? When dating, why would you accept an “open relationships”; but, you know that you want to get married? Remember, if the man can get everything he needs free, why would he purchase a license for you? When dating, why would you pray for a godly man; but think you will find him on the “club scene”? Remember, according to the Word of God, it is the man’s job to find you (Proverbs 18:22).

Now, I realize that according to the world’s standards, my “food for thought” is old-fashioned and does not fit in with much of today’s standards concerning dating. Really, that is one of the reason so many women are unhappy in relationships. I also realize that some women do not want committed relationship; but we all have an innate character to need love. So, I believer every woman will eventually want someone to be committed to loving her. If we get back to God’s standards concerning dating, we will get godly results. We can never engage in immoral expectations and acts; but, expect righteous results. Ladies, study and meditate on God’s Word and find out what His expectations are in having a relationship with you; and then you will find out what your expectations should be in having a relationship with others (Mark 12:30-31). God does not have “strings attached” concerning His love for us, so we should not have to compromise our beliefs or standards to receive love from others (John 3:16). God loves us unconditionally and we should seek relationships in which we can receive love as well. Set God’s standards in our relationships when dating and stick to it. We need to stop making total contributions before the commitments. Ladies, I pray that everyone gets to know the love of God; to understand the importance of loving others and learn to love themselves (1 John 4:7).