The Green Bay Packers – Making Fans Both Young and Old Happy!

The Green Bay Packers is one of the most iconic teams in the NFL. Established in 1919 it is the 3rd oldest franchise in the history of the League. The team has been widely respected and loved for decades. Tickets for their matches have been sold out since 1960 and despite having the smallest TV markets, this team is surely one of the most famous NFL teams today. The waiting list for their matches have over 86,000 names and only a fortunate 90 people get the chance to watch the players on field every year. If you calculate on an average people need to wait for more than 30 years just to watch a match. Fans love the team and its players so much that they book tickets for their next of kin and unborn babies. This means they may not get the chance to watch this iconic team in action but their future generation will!

One of the best professional football teams the NFL has seen!

The Green Bay Packers is one of the most famous teams in Wisconsin and it has a number of loyal fans both in the USA and across the world. The name of one such fan in the USA who is very fond of all Wisconsin teams is Sandy Petrocelli. He says that he not only loves to catch his favorite players in action he loves sharing interesting facts about them as well. When it comes to The Green Bay Packers he says that the story behind them being addressed as Cheeseheads is an interesting one. The name was given to the team after they had lost a match but they did not take it as an insult. In fact, in one of their matches a fan turned up wearing a hat that looked like cheese. These cheese shaped hats became very popular and fans now wear these hats when the team is playing. Today, even stadiums are decorated with the bright colored cheese shaped hats that are orange and yellow in color and they are fixed at the stadium where the team plays with its opponents every year.

Summer training camp and famous bike rides to young fans

Since all of the fans of The Green Bay Packers do not get the chance to see and watch their iconic players on the field, the team has come up with an innovative idea to connect with fans in a personal way. This gesture is targeted towards young fans who love the team and idolize the players.

During the summer training camp, at The Don Huston Center- the venue of training, players offer bike rides to their young fans from locker rooms to the field of practice. This started in 1957 is still popular today. Children want to meet their players and so asked them to ride their bikes. In order to make their young fans happy, players oblige. Sandy Petrocelli says that the Green Bay Packers go the extra mile to make their fans who cannot see their matches happy and they do it with success!