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Amit Raizada is the CEO of Spectrum business Ventures. This company was founded in the year 2002.It deals with mergers and acquisitions, growth strategies for companies and real estate holdings. He manages the operations of portfolio entity and also focuses on alternate revenue streams and other growth strategies.

Amit Raizada started his career in the field of retail sales and operations for wireless juggernaut Nextel- a model which he repeated with T-Mobile, AT &T and Verizon. Then he decided to acquire a private portfolio which comprises of technology, financial services and real estate. Since the starting of his company he ensured that it dealt with all kinds of investment and investment related solutions. Spectrum Business ventures focused in developing long term wealth creation projects, and acquired multi -family housing complexes. The real estate portfolio of this company has grown to almost fifty percent of the company’s holdings and continues to grow very rapidly.

The different sectors that are dealt with in the company of Amit Raizada are given below:-

  • SBV Capital which provides capital solutions for portfolio companies to assist in their growth.
  • SBV Real estate which is considered to be the real estate arm for Spectrum business ventures.
  • SBV Operating companies which comprises of a portfolio of properly selected early and mid-stage growth companies.

SBV Real estate focuses on a distinct mission, which is, to acquire, then to re-position and finally operate multifamily real estate properties built in USA and create a long term value for partners. In the densely populated urban areas, it is seen that many households live together in units in the same locality. The multifamily homes have come together with Amit Raizada for excellent business investment opportunities.

It is said that investors in rental real estates have a greater opportunity and constant cash flow in owning a rental property. However for small investors, a single family home with high rate of appreciation and low initial investment seems to be a better option. But the major challenge that is faced in investing in single family homes is that they lose their cash flow when they are vacant. On the other hand, multifamily homes which even if partially occupied provide some sort of a cash flow. Another advantage of multi-family properties is that in spite of the fact that they have a higher overall capital investment, but the under rented properties rise in value very fast.

Being a well-established organization, the company of Amit Raizada gives you much more than just financing. The firm offers financial planning, financial management, legal support, debt structuring and financing, risk evaluation and other legal expertise. Proper commitment, trust, legal issues are the basis of this firm. The financial and the strategic planning team of this company aim at establishing a long term relationship with the client. They also help in identifying suitable market needs and facilitate fund raising with the help of which they are able to minimize risks and maximize returns thus helping in the growth of the company.