Trump cheers on college football match in Deep South

TUSCALOOSA (Ala.) – President Donald Trump knew where he should go Saturday to get home field advantage. He found comfort in the Deep South cheering on the top two national teams and himself.

His reaction at the Louisiana State vs Alabama showdown was different from the scene at Game 5 in Washington, where his presence at a New York martial arts fight drew mixed reactions.

Trump sat one tier higher than the field and waved at fans as they turned to see him. He smiled and gave a thumbs up a few more times. The Alabama fans responded by waving red and white pompoms. Melania Trump, the first lady, received a similarly enthusiastic welcome.

Although there was not much political sentiment on campus, there were many bipartisan complaints about the long waits to get in because of increased security. Trump left the game in the fourth quarter, where LSU won 41-41.

An inflatable depicting Donald Trump in a diapered baby made its way to Tuscaloosa.

According to police, the man who “adopted the balloon” for the event said that a man using a knife made an 8-foot long cut in the balloon’s back and deflated it. Tuscaloosa police stated in a statement that a local 32-year old man was charged in connection with the incident.

Trump’s orange, diaper-clad, cellphone clutching caricature is often used to protest him.

Local activists devised a way for Trump to be trolled and Baby Trump rose above London. Today, several groups have raised money to purchase replica balloons for use in the United States.

Robert Kennedy, a volunteer baby sitter, brought the balloon to Tuscaloosa and said that it began to sag immediately after being cut.

Kennedy stated that the day was going well.

While some people shouted “Trump 2022” while passing, others took selfies with the balloon. Kennedy then said that a man approached the balloon’s back and attacked it with his knife. Kennedy stated that he fled but was captured by police officers.

Kennedy stated that he was a frequent guest at Baby Trump’s appearances, but he never witnessed an attack on the balloon. However, a Baby Trump balloon was stabbed in London earlier this year.

Kennedy stated, “It’s rare to get this kind of anger.”

One protester carried a sign reading “Roll Tide Impeach45” while another one held a sign stating that she had sold her ticket to donate the money to the Alabama Democratic Party.

There were also more pro-Trump signs. One woman was wearing a large red MAGA hat with a sign reading: “Make BAMA #1 Again.” Flags were also displayed that said “Trump 2022” and banners that stated: “Keep America Great Trump.”

While Presidents have used sporting events for decades to win support, they have also been a platform for their supporters to voice their political opinions.