What to Avoid When You Crave For Your Ex in Your Former Dating Relationships

There is nothing that beats logic and intellect than making mistakes out of love in your dating relationship. The serious ones are those that we are mostly making as we try to have the ex back in our lives. The fact is that there are mistaking which can easily make the ex rather than coming back into your life to move farther from you. The mistake should be when you start apologizing ceaselessly for actions that you did. If an apology has chances of working, just one or two are enough. There are some things that you need to do once you have said that you were sorry and the ex never came back to the dating relationship. This should prepare you for that ultimate apology.

You must have apologized and yet the ex has not even thought of getting back together. This must be followed by the learning of some emotional intelligence as you begin to apologize once more. What you can do is first own up in clear terms of what you did. Be prepared as you let the ex vent all his feelings in a specific way about the things that you had done wrong.

The dating relationship might not be anymore but you have to remember that the ex also has a delicate heart. Apparently their heart can only be filled with sad, mad or bad feelings of what you have caused. The relationship might still be around. Learning more about emotional intelligence can help you to aid and make other people to release the dark feelings that they have. Getting the ex to begin talking about their deep feelings concerning what you did, could really give them that opportunity within the basement of their heart to start warming up towards your plea and in your dating relationship.

If you can get your ex to release and talk about their bad feelings about what you did, it can really create room in their heart for warm feelings towards you again. Don’t make a mistake of coming out so desperate, hopeless and needy in the eyes of the ex. Imagine leaving twenty five text messages and fifteen voice mails; they show how weak and desperate you are. Saying to you that you have been offered a chance can be said to be disrespecting their feelings. You must know that your ex is not ready for a person who is wretched emotionally.

Sometimes being sad in an act of trying to rejuvenate a dating relationship is important. You can share your sad tune and heartbreak. This should not be prolonged and let it be once. They will know why you are in need and they will pity you so much. Make no mistake of letting pity be what drives you within their arms. What you should be telling them is how much their absences has brought in your life some crucial lessons of loving and lose. The mistakes that did happen in the previous dating relationship should be avoided at all cost.