What to Look for In a Wicker Basket

If your room feels incomplete, adding stylish accessories could help fill that void. A wicker basket is known for adding an elegant touch and can serve as an effective starting point – let us guide your search process! At Wicker Warehouse, we offer various furniture sets made of wicker to enhance any room – such as seats made of wicker seats and tables, conversation sets with chair set conversational pieces as well as dining sets made from natural rattan or Wicker Trunks and washes, these furniture sets made of wicker will enhance any decor! Whether hosting indoor or outdoor gatherings large or small – Wicker Furniture Sets make ideal additions.

Doing some shopping for an outdoor wicker basket to complete your interior decor can be exciting, yet daunting at the same time. Your needs and preferences might differ than others’ when looking for such an acquisition.

Below we have listed some key considerations when shopping for a wicker basket to add to your home, such as design, quality, style and function.


Quality should always be an essential consideration in purchasing any wicker basket.

A high-quality Wicker basket must be constructed using premium materials in order to last as intended, and you must make sure the wickerwork meets these criteria in order to avoid it becoming worn down before its time if you purchase one that was crafted poorly or without care.

What material is my wicker basket made of? Ideally, look for natural and high-quality materials such as rattan or seagrass that complement wickerwork well – for instance rattan can look stunning against seagrass weaves! Does the weave appear solid? Wickerwork is an artform – when done well it should appear both natural and easy to use; yet solid regardless of style used. Otherwise you risk purchasing pieces which break or unravel easily.


Before purchasing a basket made of wicker that you may later discard, be sure that you like its look! Consider whether or not this style of container suits your decor and style; our customers often appreciate smaller wicker baskets which provide subtle accents for storage or desk accessories.

At the other end of the spectrum, our clients prefer spending their full budget in a large hamper that serves as an eye-catching centerpiece in any room. A unique design would be to use wicker trunk style storage as an alternative coffee table – these personal choices all boil down to personal taste – whether that means looking for small details that add charm, or opting for bold statements with eye-catching pieces! At our company we’re firm believers that everything comes down to individual preference – take your pick!


Wickerwork is highly flexible, allowing it to feature various designs for wicker. To get an understanding of what style best fits into your home environment, take some time exploring various wicker baskets first and you may discover your ideal style or preference! Simply browsing our other pages will demonstrate just how versatile the best wickerwork could be – from fishbone baskets for laundry purposes all the way through to our texturized textures seen across many collections, Wicker baskets are sure to attract home design enthusiasts.

Wicker basket designs aside, it is important to remember that our wicker baskets come in various colors which do not compromise their quality. These include rustic bronze finishes as well as contemporary grays and neutral hues.


This aspect should be treated more practically, since its relevance depends on your intended use for it. For instance, buying a smaller log basket made of wicker would not make sense if you regularly use your log burner within your home, since it won’t hold enough firewood and force you to travel between home and storage area more frequently than necessary!

So if you’re trying to select the ideal wicker basket for you needs, size should always come first. When talking about log baskets specifically, we offer numerous deceivingly spacious sizes that won’t overshadow your log burner – almost magically!


At this stage, it is essential to establish the purpose of the wicker basket you have purchased. Does it match up with existing furniture, store things away solely, or have multiple uses that can serve many different storage requirements simultaneously?

  • Multi-Use Baskets/Shelfs – Log baskets and shelves can be utilized in numerous ways for various tasks.
  • Integrating furniture into existing pieces – depending on the dimensions of your piece, shelves storage baskets could provide the perfect solution.
  • Gifts – Nothing says luxury like our wicker hampers when selecting a present for someone special!
  • Wicker baskets and hampers offer plenty of storage space, making them the ideal way to dispose of items quickly.
  • Assuming you have an abundance of toys to store, wicker trunks or log baskets are popular solutions for toy storage.