You Are Beautiful – Believe In It And Blossom!

Was asked to write about the word ‘Beautiful’ for Ethereal Light’s Psychic Development Class and felt guided to post my thoughts to Ezine. I have a feeling many need to hear these words. Always know how special and beautiful you are.

My virtue for the class was Beautiful and It got me thinking. What is beauty? Is it what you feel? Is it what you do? Does it define a person?

In this age we are so concerned with beauty in the sense of the physical. I wonder how many could stand in front of a mirror and see the beauty they possess – they real beauty, beyond the physical and the self-talk of ‘I’m fat’, ‘I’m small’, ‘I’m thin’. Would they see their unique immortality, that their body is only a finite shell that the real beauty is kept within? Would they see that they are the Creator of their own life – both God and Goddess, perfect, whole and very beautiful in every sense of the word. That they are a miracle, a living rainbow of colour and illumination, here to create and spread the love of the Divine.

To me, beauty is recognising and aligning with the Divine in all, including our self. As I sit here, I see it in green leaves of the trees as they reflect their beautiful shadows against the window. I see it in the cloud-filled sky, which although to some may appear gloomy, is vibrant and awe-inspiring. I see beauty in watching my Cats play and in the music I’m listening to. If you heart is willing and ready to be open, beauty truly can be found in everything.

Here is message from my Higher Self that may help some of you reading this – “Read not in to material beauty, no truths can be found there when only judgements reside. Let beauty be seen and admired with your heart – your true centre of being. Reading yourself against others as a means of beauty in no more a virtue than a sin. See all as ‘beautiful’ and then you will be beautiful. Stand strong within the beauty you possess, for you hold it in abundance. Let it integrate and align to your divine essence. Be free with it and let it shine through to others always. Recognise you own unique spark, for there are no others like you. You are beautiful, always have and always will be.”