You Can Meet Beautiful Women and Attract Them – Here’s How!

Guys everywhere want to know how they can meet the stunning women se see all around us. I’ll share with you here the special knowledge I’ve learned over the years, special knowledge that will help you identify where to meet these beautiful women and how to treat them once you’ve met them.

Here’s Where You Can Meet Beautiful Women

It’s no secret – wherever you look, there are beautiful women. Here’s one of those little-known facts – these stunning creatures aren’t any different, really, from you or me. They must eat, sleep and go to work. They usually like to spend their time having fun from time to time, and they’ve got lives to lead that require the same things from that as are required of the rest of us.

Now, it is a fact that extremely beautiful women tend to gravitate to big cities. It’s not hard to figure out why – there’s more opportunity for an extremely beautiful woman in a big city. There are careers more readily available in big cities for very beautiful women, such as acting and modeling. Because big cities are often regional centers of commerce, wealthy men are also in greater supply there, and all women, not just the very beautiful, want to meet wealthy men. Let’s not forget, also, that big cities are usually more vibrant and alive, more active, than most rural areas.

This is the time to think like a detective. Beautiful women generally have to work at being – and remaining – beautiful. They also like to enhance their beauty. Of course – beautiful women need to work out to maintain their beauty and physical conditioning, and they buy beautiful clothing and accessories. Find them in the gym and the trendy stores.

Gyms are great places to met beautiful woman, and it’s easy to do. Just hang out by a bench press on your own – ready to work out. As soon as a girl comes by, tell her your workout buddy couldn’t make it, and ask if she’ll spot you while you do a few reps. She’s doing you a big favor, so be certain to thank her when you’re done, and of course introduce yourself. And if it feels right, get her phone number!

You can meet a beautiful woman in a department store as well – just look around and when you see one you’d love to meet, tell her you’re looking for a birthday gift for your sister or cousin. You can tell her that she seems to have the same sense of style your sister has, and ask for her help in finding something like a nice sweater or scarf. Talk with her while you’re shopping together, keeping the conversation light and non-threatening. You can learn a great deal about her in just a few minutes if you pay attention to what she says.

Is there a Behavior Protocol for Meeting Beautiful Women?

Most men, when they’re around beautiful women, get tongue-tied and act confused. They start acting macho, stupid. It’s called “beauty vision.” Besides making fools of themselves, these guys also miss out on getting to know these beautiful women!

She’s stunning – so what? You can’t pay attention to her beauty now or you’ll wind up with the rest of the fools.

She’s well aware of her beauty, and has been for many years. When you focus on her and not on her beauty, you let her know that you’re not like all the other guys. She may have mixed feelings about your apparent immunity to her beauty – she’ll probably appreciate being treated like a woman instead of a trophy, but she may be a little put off by the fact that she can’t so easily reduce you to mumbling imbecility.

All you need to do is treat her like any other person you might run into during the course of the day. Realistically speaking, she probably doesn’t often encounter men who don’t fall all over themselves when they encounter her, and so the time your spend together will be somewhat of a rarity to her. At the same time, your immunity – your apparent immunity – to her beauty will set you apart from most other men, and she’ll consider you something of a mystery. She’ll be confused – at the same time she’s congratulating herself on running into someone who treats her like a normal woman, she’ll be wondering if perhaps you don’t find her attractive at all. Think about her position – even though she enjoys the “real woman” treatment she gets from you, she’ll want to make sure she’s still got her power, and so you’ll become a challenge to her.

Meeting beautiful women, then, isn’t hard at all, if you know where to look and how to act. This, though, must be remembered: she’s so used to men acting stupidly around her that if you act like that, she’s not going to take you seriously and you’ll never have a chance to show her what a great guy you really are!