3 Of The Critical Ingredients That Build An Enduring Dating Relationship

Are you new to the dating game? Or have you been dating for a long time but never seem to have a lasting relationship? Today, the dating advice for men that I have, will not only help you in getting the girl you want, but will also help to keep the relationship going strong. However, if you feel that you have not done some of the things suggested in this article, I don’t want you to feel bad about it- just take on board what is suggested and try and use it in your present or next relationship.

There are many men out there who easily attract women but their dating relationships never go anywhere. Do you know why? Attracting a woman, getting the girl you want out on a first date and having your first kiss are all important but they are just a beginning and I am sure you have heard of this saying: not all that starts well end well. Even when a woman has opened her heart to you and she seems taken in by your charm, she never stops to appraise you and she will always be looking for those things that confirm her positive impressions of you rather than things that contradict them. If she begins to notice things in your life that trigger questions and doubts about you in her heart, then she will end the relationship. My dating advice for men on this matter is that when you are in a dating relationship, you should not take things for granted. Your main focus during the dating relationship, is to prove to her that you are the right man for her- you have the qualities that real men are made off. Below are some of the qualities that a serious woman looks for in a man she is dating.

Your material position

Yes, you might have succeeded in getting the girl you want and the chemistry between the two of you might be there and the flames of passion might be burning very strongly. But the serious woman knows that in as much as life with a man is about intimacy, it is also about work and responsibilities. So, a woman feels much better if she sees in your life, evidence of a source of steady income and signs that the income you earn you have put or are putting it to some meaningful use.

Of course, it is given that from to time, we all fall on hard times and that maybe at the time you start going out with a girl, you may be out of a job. But the question is; when she looks in your life, is there enough evidence to convince her that incomes earned previously have been put to good use and you are a responsible man. Being the man in an enduring relationship is a serious responsibility that no intelligent woman takes lightly. You have to prove to her that not only can you take care of yourself but that when the time comes, you will be able to care for the family too.

So my dating advice for men is that, in order to keep the dating relationship strong, you must show her that you are responsible, that you are wise in the way in which you use your money and that you hate credit cards and debt. This is very important because statistics show that disagreements about money and debt are one of the most common reasons why relationships end and marriages dissolve.


Think about that food you enjoy a lot. If I gave you that food in a very dirty plate, would you enjoy it as much as you would if the food were served in a clean plate.The point is simple but important. If you want your woman to enjoy you intimately and emotionally, always make an effort to keep your body fresh and clean. The only smell that a woman should sense from you when you are close to her is that natural aroma peculiar to masculinity. So, my dating advice for men is that, each time you are going on a date, make sure you have bathed yourself, trimmed your hair, put on clean clothes and applied some deodorant. Also, wearing a bit of that male perfume enhances your masculine appeal and draws your woman close to you.

Living up to what is expected of you

When you are in a relationship, being a man is not only about being able to satisfy a woman sexually. You could be good in bed but a woman might still think that you are not her Mr Right Guy; why? Any woman who is serious about a relationship wants a man who can do those odd jobs around the house where a bit of muscle and creativity may be required. Such jobs may be minor house repairs, changing a tire etc. So there you are, if you are serious about your relationship, then start taking an interest in doing things around your house.

Next time she invites you to her place and you see a burnt out light bulb, offer to change it. If you invite her to your house, make sure she notices that you have a set of tools for use in fixing odd jobs around the house. Getting the girl you want may be easy but keeping the relationship going strong may be a challenge if she thinks that you don’t take your role as a man around the house seriously.

Dating and romantic relationships is one of the areas of life that Tims Sentinel is keenly interested in. For over two decades now he has studied and researched on the dynamics that strengthen love and romance between men and women. Often, he has delivered talks and produced articles on dating and relationships.