8 Fun Things to Do This Weekend


1. Take a Harry Potter Marathon go watch the one. What is more entertaining than a film marathon and a night out on the town? A Latest movie review and ranking marathon and night outside Harry Potter AND town. Get caught up on all the HP films and brave the lovers with lightning bolts their foreheads to observe the film and attracted.

2. Plan a barbecue in the park. The summertime with your buddies and plan a get together in the playground. Bring chocolate chip biscuits, hot dogs and burgers, a watermelon and your ball collection and you’re going to have the day!

3.  Proceed garage sale. With weather in full swing, most garage sales is being held by people right and left. Get up early (early bird gets the worm!) And find a few treasures! Check the regional paper for garage sale listings, but keep your eye out to many others their own garage sale at the newspaper.

4. Speaking of garage sales, have you! It is the perfect excuse to go through cabinets, attic, garage and your closets to wash out and eliminate items you do not use. Possess your neighbors join in online, if you do not have enough to get a sale that is full size and maintain a garage sale! You’ll clean your home out and perhaps earn a little money!

5. Purchase a new outfit. Nothing says a weekend just like a brand new ensemble. If you are in need of something and do not need to break up your budget hit up your regional Goodwill, thrift stores and consignment shops for cheap for a few great finds!

6. Go shopping. You are looking for something browsing your regional stores is an enjoyable way to spend. Who knows, you might find something!

7. Purchase a ticket. Cross your hands and then the way would be to invest one! Perform lottery this weekend and, even should you win, it will be!

8. Explore a city near where you reside. You understand that town you pass , but have? Go there! Explore. Shopping, eating and walking round the streets of a location that is new can be fun!