Best Way to Keep Your Architecture Studio Space Organized

Architecture students can attest to the fact that it is a demanding degree with a ton of tools. You need basswood, balsa, piano wire, glue, sanding materials, drawing paper, pencils, pens, cables, chargers, cable wraps and tie wraps, knives, cutting mats, and the list could go on for days.

With the demands of an architecture class it can be incredibly easy to let things go and then you find yourself working in chaos. Many schools offer workspaces for students to make use of during their semesters. Some students prefer to work at home. In either case, you need to have a system to keep your process organized.

When working on architecture projects, it is important to be organized. You will go through periods of disorganization, but with a little bit of effort you can reduce the amount of time you spend working in chaos. 

Here are some of the best tips and tricks you can use in order to have an organized architecture studio space.

Organizing Your Work

Working on an architecture project can take days. It is hard to throw out projects when you have spent so much time working on creating them. You may not have a use for them, but you also cannot seem to let them go. Having a portfolio case to store your work in is the best solution for being able to store drawings.

By having a proper portfolio case, you can avoid accidentally ruining your projects and are able to keep them all in one place. It may even help to have two portfolio cases one for active projects and one for completed or past projects.

Organizing Your Materials with Tie Wraps

This is the Achilles heel of your architecture organization. It can be really tough to find an effective method for organizing materials, but tie wraps work best. You are likely using a bunch of different materials and transporting them from one place to the next. If you work at home, you likely do not have unlimited space. If you are working at a studio, you likely do not have a ton of space either, but at least your studio may be set up with more architectural relevant storage solutions.

One great tool that you can use for organizing wood and other various materials are hook and loop ties, also known as Velcro tie wraps. They are perfect because they are soft and will not damage materials and are adjustable and reusable. Typically they are used for wrapping up cables and while you will still need them for that, try using them to secure your materials.

Also consider getting boxes and bins for storage. You are likely using a camera, a computer, and many other types of gear. These likely have various cords and cables. Try wrapping up your cables with cable ties and store them in bins neatly. This allows you to have easy access to what you need.

Book Organization with Zip Ties

One thing they teach you in architecture school is to read a lot. Over the years, you have probably accumulated a bunch of reference books and textbooks that you will occasionally look through when working.

Organizing your books can be hard. It may be worth considering getting an e-reader, but if you prefer physical copies of books, you will want to have a simple way of organizing them.

Invest in a bookshelf that can hang on your wall. This gives you much more floor space, which can be useful for other storage options. You should also consider keeping the books you reference most often, within reach. Having books you regularly use have easy access makes it far easier to always have the books you need close by. Do not be afraid to purge. Donate books or give the ones you do not use to other students.

Why Having an Organized Architecture Space with Tie Wraps is Important

Organization is key in architecture. There are a ton of moving parts and you are juggling a lot. Staying organized is the key to get things done in school and finish all your projects, while meeting your deadlines. Taking the time to organize your materials and all of your cables can save you time and energy in the long run.

Architecture is a rigorous study and you will need to be able to plan your time well, but also have the ability for flexibility. By staying organized with Velcro tie wraps, you allow yourself to do tasks efficiently. There are many simple steps you can take that will help you to improve you work process. Time is your best friend in architecture; make sure you are using it wisely.