Beautiful Inside and Out – See and Know Your Own Beauty

Real beauty starts on the inside, both physical and spiritual beauty. Society spends so much time bombarding us with advertisements about getting rid of wrinkles, losing weight, and wearing fabulous clothes, that we as woman habitually neglect our inner beauty.

Since beauty truly starts inside and REFLECTS outside, then we aren’t really getting very far very fast in terms of outer beauty with all those wrinkles creams and makeup.

Beauty is known to us mostly as “external” meaning how beautifully fit your body is, how young your face looks, how well your nails are manicured; all physical beauty. Not that these things don’t have value, but an even more important value – our inner beauty – is out of balance and neglected.

Why is inner beauty neglected? Basically because society as a collective whole doesn’t spend much time teaching us how to recognize it, let alone nourish it.

What is inner beauty? Inner beauty has two parts as well. One part is obviously how well you nourish your body nutritionally from the inside by what you eat. The second part is a spiritual aspect of yourself that has a deep respect and love for you being you. It is a somewhat mental aspect of yourself seated in the center of your body. It is also known as your beingness, your soul, and many other names.

This second aspect of inner beauty is how your beauty radiates outward. When the inner you feels happy and confident, you walk different, you hold your head up high, you feel strong and you communicate with other with assurance and strength. These are just a fraction of the beautiful qualities that radiate outward when you get to know the inner you – your inner beauty.

Spend some time reflecting inward and get to know yourself again, come in contact with that radiant, confident, loving being that you are and you will be beautiful inside and out.

When you discover your own inner beauty will also discover your own unique source of happiness as well. Finding this source of happiness is powerful and gives you the stability to love yourself and your life in ways you never thought possible. The more you look happy and love your life, then the more beautiful you feel. It is a connected circle.

What if you don’t discover your inner beauty?

What if you live your entire life unfulfilled when it could have been different?

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