Celebrity Bloggers: Your Insight Into the Lives of Celebrities

Know of any celebrity bloggers? Blogging is the new trend these days and celebrities aren’t missing out on it. Once you start surfing the internet, you’ll find a lot of your favorite celebrities running their own blogs. Jackie Chan, Maria Sharapova, David Beckham and Paris Hilton are just some names on the list of celebrity bloggers. Here’s a list of some celebrities you must read about:


Alec Baldwin

The star discusses his political views on the Huffington Post.

Alyssa Milano

This former star of Charmed runs a blog by her own name; Alyssa.com

Pamela Anderson

The gorgeous actress keeps her fans updated with her life through her blog.


Barenaked Ladies

All band members post on their blog.

Kanye West

The hip hop artist is another celebrity blogger who keeps in contact with fans by sharing photos and videos online.

Lilly Allen

Singer and blogger Lilly Allen, mostly deals with dispelling rumors about herself.


Anna Kournikova

The beautiful tennis star updates her photos on her blog.

Victoria Beckham

This famous lady markets through her blog and introduces her products to customers online.

Meredith Viera

Meredith hosts the popular reality show Who Wants To be A Millionaire. She runs her blog called ivillage.

The list goes on and on. From Hollywood superstars to athletes, from comedians to writers, blogging is earning celebrities millions of fans worldwide. Of course, some of them are advertising and marketing through blogging but some active celebrity bloggers are keeping their fans up to date.

In times when social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook are ruling the social media, blogging is not on the minds of many celebrities. It then comes as a pleasant surprise to catch up with these international faces and interact with them as ordinary everyday people through their blogs.

Another plus point for celebrities starting their blogs is the immediate audience they can gather as compared to an amateur who makes a debut entrance into the world of blogging and has to put days and nights of back-breaking hard work to get the blog recognized and to earn money.

Another way of seeing this connection between bloggers and celebrities is bloggers becoming celebrities. The concept of mom celebrity bloggers is pretty much ‘in’ these days. Mothers around the world are running their web pages attracting thousands of people to learn and interact.

Recently, we have seen some of these bloggers appearing on TV and newspaper ads. This is good news! It will help promote the concept of blogging among people, promoting a healthy social activity and online learning.

Social media studies also reveal the dramatic impact of bloggers on the marketing industry. Consumers are more likely to purchase products recommended by trusted and well reputed blogs, rather than try something new.

Especially in the fashion and baby products market, women buyers have shown great interest in purchasing products recommended by bloggers who have appeared in TV ads. Expert businesses and famous brands are now teaming up with blogs to promote their products in the market.

Celebrity bloggers are the movers and shakers of social media – from marketing to life styles, they can structure the market and society if they so desire.