Choosing a Wedding Celebrant

A wedding celebration takes a lot of preparation. There are so many aspects to think about-venues, receptions, menus, gowns, bridesmaids, rings, invitations and the list goes on. At the centre of it all, however, is the wedding ceremony, where you and your soon-to-be-spouse legally become husband and wife. It is one of the most important, although short-lived, hours of your entire wedding day. As a couple, you have to share it with another important participant-the celebrant.

Choosing the right celebrant services Perth is crucial. You are not working with shoes or flowers or recipes here. You are working with a person who will play the very important role of officiating your wedding ceremony. So do not wait until the last minute (i.e. two weeks before the wedding day) before you decide on a wedding celebrant. The best ones are almost always fully booked by the time the date of your wedding comes around the corner.

Finding Celebrant Services

Word of mouth marketing is the preferred mode of advertising in this industry, so ask around and see if your friends and family can recommend somebody they know personally. Other professionals in the wedding industry, such as photographers, wedding planners and bridal shop owners, are excellent sources of information as well. If you don’t have any referrals, visit the Attorney-General’s website and look into the Register of Marriage Celebrants. All celebrants listed are legally recognized under the Marriage Act 1961.

Meeting a Potential Wedding Celebrant

Contact the celebrant by phone and ask a few questions before initiating a face-to-face meeting with them. Important issues such as legal requirements and celebrant service fees should be discussed first before delving into the details of your wedding ceremony. If you find that you and the celebrant are on the same wavelength, schedule a meeting with him to further talk about what you need for your ceremony.

Treat this meeting like a job interview, where you and your partner are the hiring employees and the celebrant is applying for your opening. An important thing to remember is that a celebrant should be able to make you feel at ease and comfortable. He should also be able to understand your requirements for a wedding ceremony and provide them ultimately. Flexibility in conducting ceremonies is also something to look out for, especially for couples who want something more unique. Some of the more established celebrants may also be some of the more traditional.

If you are meeting a few other “applicants,” don’t be shy to tell this one, as long as you give him an exact date when to expect your response. There is business to take care of somewhere else and it is an act of courtesy to keep him informed of your decision.

Paying for Celebrant Services

The cost of celebrant services Perth depends upon your requirements and the experience of the celebrant. For example, a celebrant may charge additional fees for conducting in an out-of-town venue or for attending extra rehearsals than initially agreed upon. Length of stay in the business may also add to your costs. Generally, however, decent celebrant services are tagged somewhere in the range of $200 to $600.