Finding Your Favorite Celebrity Homes – How, Why and What to Do?

You see them do what they do best in the latest movies to hit the box office. You ogle at how extravagant they look as they walk down the red carpet. Actors, actresses, and celebrities all live glamorous lives that are well-documented by the media and paparazzi. And much to the delight of celebrity watchers and fans, you can’t really expect something as basic as their home address to be kept private now, right?

Why? You might be passing by a lonely street in California and happen to walk past a gorgeous, Victorian home with a pool and some expensive-looking sports cars parked out in the drive way. You could go on walking by, not knowing that you might be passing the home of an Oscar-winning actor or a well-known comedian who might also happen to be your favorite.Although most people won’t be granted access into their homes, it’s perfectly fine and legal to pass by and take a look at their estate from the outside.

How? You can turn to MTV Cribs or similar television shows that feature an inside look into celebrity homes. But to steal some views from the outside, you can turn to celebrity home directories or access celebrity maps that will point you towards where a certain celebrity lives. And since they’re maps, it will also be able to tell you how to get there.

You can do a simple search for your favorite star’s address in the internet. You might not reside close to where their homes are, but who knows? You might be dropping by their area for work or for a vacation in the following months, so it might be a good idea to keep the addresses of your favorite stars handy, just in case.

What to do? Once you do make your way to the celebrity homes, remember to observe proper manners and etiquette. You can take some shots and photos of the house from the outside, but obviously it wouldn’t be a very good idea to use digital SLRS fitted with extremely huge or powerful lenses, lest you get mistaken as someone from the paparazzi.

If you do happen to spot the celebrity homeowner while you’re there, do be courteous and just wave hello or call out an appropriate greeting. Celebrities, like everyone else, will neither appreciate getting yelled at nor being screamed at, even though you really don’t mean to offend or disturb them. Don’t crowd them as they emerge from their cars for an autograph or try to follow them around when they leave their homes, because technically, that’s already stalking and we all know that’s not legal.