Celebrity Homes – Conduct in Meeting Celebrities in the Neighborhood

Being in New York or Los Angeles, it is not much of a one-off chance to bump into Hollywood stars during ordinary days. First time visitors leave themselves stunned when they see their favorite celebrities walking by the streets, shopping in lavish boutiques or eating in restaurants. People have various responses when they get to see these famous personalities. The common initial response of an average person is to have the celebrity’s autograph or have his picture taken with the celebrity. Rarely do first timers leave the celebrities in peace because they prefer to respect their privacy. No matter what the reason, many would favor seeing their favorite personalities in ordinary places like in their own neighborhood or luckily, in any of those luxurious celebrity homes.

In meeting celebrities, one has to show proper etiquette especially when recognizing them in the vicinity! Here are some tips you may follow during your meet.

Many celebrities are very accommodating to their fans even during ordinary days. Yet, when with their families, they see to it that their privacy is valued. When you see a celebrity with his family, you should be subtle enough and keep your distance. Children of famous personalities do not fully understand what their parents do for living. They might get frightened when you suddenly approach their parents. To show respect, approach your favorite star when he is alone, or wait until he acknowledges your presence. Always remember that courtesy is a key to being acknowledged. You must address the celebrity with a courteous tone and use Miss or Mister. When the celebrity permits you to address him with his first name, then that’s the time you should do so. However, you must keep yourself from being too close since you might be mistaken as a stalker.

Never call celebrities by their character names. Remember that you are in the real world and not in some television show or movie. Actors’ personalities are way different from most of their roles. In being knowledgeable about their roles, they may appreciate you for being an earnest fan. However, you must keep in mind that you are in their neighborhood. They would prefer being acknowledged as their true being rather than the characters they portray. For them, being in the neighborhood is considered a safe zone. They expect people to treat them as ordinary residents.

Stay calm and play it cool. Keep in mind that they are just human beings as we all are. These famous people also want to be away from the stress that they experience in their day-to-day work. They try to be ordinary citizens when they get a hold of the opportunity, which most often than not only lingers for a few hours or minutes. Luckily, if you happen to speak with a celebrity while jogging or strolling in a neighborhood, keep a friendly conversation. Instead of talking about what’s going on in his career, why not talk about the beautiful weather or how beautiful the houses are. You’ll never know, you could be fortunate enough to be invited inside one of your favorite celebrity homes to grab a cup of coffee after your chitchat.

Lastly, express your gratitude. A simple “thank you” after your encounter can suffice your appreciation for the privilege the celebrity has given you. After all, a well-known personality has spent a bit of his or her valuable time to a stranger like you. You must be in real luck!