Free YouTube Download app

When we talk about the most popular as well as amazing video streaming apps all over the world, YouTube comes first to our mind. When we talk about YouTube’s downloads on Android, it is approximately over 1.5 billion. YouTube is the greatest source of entertainment and knowledge with lots of useful and amazing videos. If you need to download the videos from YouTube, Google doesn’t support it directly. For this purpose, there are a number of third-party apps which let you download the audio/video from YouTube to your Android’s storage. This is all about an amazing and free YouTube download app which makes your downloading process much easier for you. The process merely consists of a few simple steps.

Steps to download YouTube videos for free with download app

Step 1:

After you are done with downloading the free YouTube download app which is developed by DVDVideoSoft, all you need is to run it. The application is developed for Food PC and Mac. This is a user-friendly app and everyone can easily make use of it. There is a button to paste URL, quality selection, option for the format as well as a button to start downloading. It looks really simple but it is powerful.

Step 2:

The second step requires opening the YouTube and the playlist you need to download. At this step, the address bar of the browser requires your attention.

Step 3:

This step demands to copy the link of the desired video from YouTube URL. For this purpose, you can choose to follow one of the following methods.

  • You can choose to copy it from the browser’s address bar
  • Click on playlist’s title > copy link address
  • Click on the video with right mouse button and then click ‘Copy video URL’

Now simply move to YouTube download app and paste this link to add it to the download list. You can repeat this operation any number of times to add the desired number of URL’s.

Step 4:

This step suggests you to choose only those videos which are particular and new.

Step 5:

This is the last step. At this step, you are about to download your playlist you’ve created in the previous steps. Simply click the download button and wait for a few seconds. If your playlist has a number of videos to download, it will definitely take some time to start downloading. All the selected videos will be downloaded to the default video folder with the name similar to the playlist.