How to make your heels more comfortable: Put more pep in your step

Imagine yourself going out in killer heels. You’re confident, you feel great and walk in confidence to the party. There is nothing worse than your feet screaming at you. We’ve all been there. It’s difficult to imagine a life without heels. Heels make your legs appear longer and elevate your outfit. It’s so inspiring to hear your feet tapping against the ground as you take each step. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. We can help you make your heels more comfortable.

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Marilyn Monroe: “Give a girl a pair of the right shoes and she can conquer all the world.”

You can make your heels more comfortable by choosing the right pair

Selecting the right pair of high heels is the first step to making them more comfortable. Let’s get to the basics. If you are unable to walk in your shoes, don’t buy them. Your feet will be grateful, we promise. Keep in mind that if your heel is too high, you should keep it below three inches. Higher heels can cause more strain to your feet. Start low and work your way up. Once you have a pair that is the right height, let us determine your shoe size.

How to make your heels more comfortable: Select the right shoe size

The first step to making your heels more comfortable is choosing the right shoe size. Although it may seem obvious, the correct shoe size is crucial for your feet’ comfort. You can get a lot more comfort for the toes if you allow for a little more wiggle room. The space between your longest toe and your heels should be at least a quarter-inch. Most people have one foot slightly bigger than the other. It’s important that your shoes fit to your largest foot. Do not hesitate to take a half size larger if your toes feel squished after just a few minutes. While you may need to be a Goldilocks when shoe shopping, eventually you will find the right pair.

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You can make your heels more comfortable by wearing platform shoes

Let’s now discuss how to make heels more comfortable. Because they are the same height as stilettos, but at a lower angle, platform heels are more wearable than those with stilettos. It is surprising to see how the shoe shape can impact the comfort level. Platform heels reduce the distance between your foot and your heel. They are less taxing on the arch than tall heels, which reduces pain.

These are our top tips to make your heels more comfortable

There are many ways to make your heels more comfortable. There are many heel-saving tricks, from stretching your shoes to protecting your feet, that you can use. We’ll be breaking down our top tips for high-heel wearability. Because beautiful shoes and painful blisters don’t mix.

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Wear them in before you wear them out

You should break in your new heels before you go to an event if you have purchased them. Begin by walking around your house in your new heels for at least one hour. This will allow you to identify any possible pain points and allows the shoes mold to your feet. Pair thick socks with your new heels to take it to the next level. Although it may seem strange, this will allow you to stretch the areas that might otherwise pinch your feet.

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Inserts to Make Your Heels More Comfortable

After you have given your heels time to adjust, you might find some discomfort. You don’t have to put those shoes away. You can save them with padded inserts. You can make your heels more comfortable with silicone or gel inserts. They will keep your feet stable in shoes. Your feet won’t slide forward as much. This helps to relieve high heel pain. The weight of your feet is distributed on your heels and not the balls. This can make a big difference in your feet’s pressure.