Six styling tips for slip dresses: How to style a slip dress

What is a slip dress?

Slip dresses are lightweight dresses with spaghetti straps. They can be worn underneath dresses to add an extra layer. Slip dresses are made in luxurious fabrics such as silk, chiffon or linen. They have a low-cut neckline like a V or square neck and can be cut to any length. To give fabric more softness and elasticity, the best slip dresses are made with bias cuts. This is a technique clothing makers use to cut fabric at an angle across the weave.

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Six Style Tips to Style a Slip Dress

Slip dresses are timeless staples that can be worn year round due to their versatility and classic appearance. Here are six options for slip dresses:

In cold months, layer with a sweater: Although slip dresses are very thin, you can still wear them in cold months with a cashmere sweater or tights. The dress can be worn over a turtleneck sweater or long-sleeve shirt, or layered over a cowl neck sweater to make it look like a slip skirt.

In warmer weather: layer with a white shirt and a tee. Because of the thin, flowing fabric and open collar, a mini or midi slip dress makes a great summer dress. You can style the slip dress with a white T-shirt and white sneakers, or strappy sandals, for a Parisian-inspired look. To keep warm on cold nights, finish the look by adding a denim jacket or blazer to your outfit.

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For a classic look, pair with heels: For a spring or summer wedding, a satin or silk slip dress will be timeless. For a formal wedding, choose a maxi or midi slip dress. Also, consider a dress in a bright pattern such as a floral print slip.

Wear it with fall outerwear: Layer the slip dress underneath a jacket to wear it in the fall. For casual autumn looks, layer a classic trench coat on top of a slip dress in black. You can also pair the look with knee-high boots and a slip dress with a long cardigan.

Wear it with a biker jacket: For a chic look on date night, pair a satin slip dress and a leather jacket with combat boots.

For a casual look, wear it with a button-down or blazer: For a more casual look, pair a midi slip with an oversized blazer and a white button-down. Tie the shirt’s bottom into a stylish knot at your waist if you are wearing a button-down underneath the dress.

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Four ways to style joggers

What are Joggers?

A casual-style pair with drawstring waists and joggers, which have been in vogue with athleisure’s popularity, are the joggers. Although they can look similar to sweatpants in material, fit and style, they are more tailored and have elasticized ankle cuffs. Joggers that look more like slacks or chinos have become more popular in recent years.

You can wear a jogger with a fitted look, whether you are going casually or for date night.

Four Ideas to Style Joggers

Joggers can look more like loungewear, so it can be difficult to style them. You can make a pair joggers an incredibly versatile piece of clothing, regardless of your body type, if you choose the right fit and accompany it with the right accessories. These are some outfit suggestions and tips for your jogger pants.

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  1. Casual look: Joggers make a great part of street-style inspired ensembles. You can wear them with streetwear staples such as a T-shirt or hoodie and a pair of sneakers. Structured items like a sweatshirt or slim-fit sweater will make your outfit look more polished. The elastic ankle cuffs on your sneakers will draw attention to them, so make sure they are clean. This means that white sneakers can be easily identified if they are worn with joggers. Here’s how to make white sneakers stand out.
  2. Joggers are not suitable for formal occasions: However, they can be worn with more casual clothes like chinos or blazers. If your joggers have twill or denim (like chinos), you can pair them with a blazer and a button-down that is not tucked or partially tucked, especially if they are denim. Consider a pair loafers or sneakers for your shoes. A blazer can be worn with jeans if you are familiar with the style. Joggers can be worn with it.
  3. Layering: Joggers can be worn casually and unassumingly, while the pants allow you to experiment with textures and patterns on the upper half. You can dress up a plain white tank top or tee by adding a cardigan, or denim jacket. To contrast your casual joggers, try wearing a colorful, chunky sweater. Tan France, fashion expert, shares her tips on mixing different textures of clothing.
  4. Note on socks: Joggers with high socks can make them look unattractive. It’s better to choose socks and shoes that do not show your socks. You can pair low socks with sneakers, or casual ankle boots to hide your socks.