How to Tuck in a T-Shirt

A button-up shirt, or a formal dress shirt, can be tucked in to make your outfit more professional and dress code-friendly. To create different looks, you can tie or loosen your shirt.

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Three-Tuck Styles for Shirts

For casual look, untucked shirts can be worn for informal events or job interviews. However, a shirt should always be tucked in. These are some of the many tuck options that you can use to make sure your shirt is properly tucked in.

Loose-tuck: This style is great for everyday wear and casual looks. It works well with both high- or mid-rise pants. Start at the front of your pants with your shirt on. Next, pull your shirt into your pants. Move your arms around so your shirt is properly tucked in. This tuck is great for regular tees, baggy shirts and chunky sweaters.

French tuck: The “French Tuck”, also known as the “half-tuck” and “front tuck,” style trick that involves tucking only the front of your shirt. It was popularized by Tan France, a fashion expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye. If you don’t feel like tucking in your top enough, or if a full tuck is too conservative, a French tuck might be the best option. The French tuck can help define your waistline and allow for the drape effect of looser, longer tops. A French tuck can balance the proportions of an outfit by leaving a shirt or sweater untucked in the back.

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The military tuck: This is a tuck that’s cleaner and more formal than the regular tuck. After giving your shirt a complete tuck, use your thumbs and circle your waistline to smoothen out wrinkles. To prevent your shirt from bunching, pinch the sides of your right and left hip bones and fold them back. The tuck will reduce the amount of baggy overflow at your waist and give your silhouette a slimmer look. The military tuck looks great with button-down shirts or polo shirts.

You don’t usually need to tuck in Hawaiian shirts, polos or T-shirts. These tops have regular hems, which is a big difference from dress shirts with a longer back hem.

How to style a tucked-in shirt

You can try different tucking techniques for new outfit ideas. These style tips will help you:

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A blazer can be worn over a tucked-in shirt. You can wear a blazer with jeans, chinos or khakis. To create a smart casual outfit, tuck your shirt in your pants and add a belt.

Wear a tee and high-rise trousers with it. Wear high-rise pants with a tee and loose-tucked white T-shirt to create a trendy, beltless look. You can also try a front half-tuck if you have enough fabric.

You can also do a half-tuck to the side. Wear skinny jeans or tapered leather trousers with a flowing top that is tucked in on one side for a fashion-forward and asymmetrical look. You can create draping effects by having the top half of your pants tucked in.

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A crisscross tuck is a good idea. You can wear a button-down shirt that is a size larger than your usual size. Next, tuck the shirt back into your pants. Next, take the right side of your shirt and cross it over your shirt’s tucked-in portion to tuck it in your left side. This creates a stylish V-shape.