Three Signs of A Good Online Dating Relationship

You have taken the step of setting up an online dating account on a quality dating website, and have been meeting new people for a few months now. Then, you meet a person who seems like they could be more than just another online friend. You start to spend more time emailing him/her. You talk to them on the phone. You begin to ponder meeting him or her in person. The question is, will this relationship be successful? What are some signs of a good online dating relationship?

1. You have a lot to talk about. Did you ever go on an internet chat board or talk on the phone with someone, and after awhile you just didn’t know what to say? Did the conversation ever start to drag? Were there long pauses in between sentences, where you desparately tried to think of something to chat about? These are obviously not signs of a great relationship. A great relationship is characterized by endless conversation — two people who never seem to run out of things to tell each other.

2. You have a lot of common interests. This does not mean you have to like all of the same things. For instance, a guy may love sports, while a girl loves shopping or her pets. But their deeper interests and values such as spirituality, love of children, and who they hope to become in ten or twenty years should be weaving a common thread together.


3. You think about each other a lot. Even when you’re at work or at the gym or walking outside, you won’t be able to get that person out of your mind. You will look forward to that nightly conversation or imagine the day you will meet him/her in person. Now, I am not talking about abnormal obsessing about someone, just normal thinking about a person who seems special to you.

These are just three signs that your dating relationship is headed in the right direction. For more information see¬†¬†Remember, even if you haven’t met the right person yet, it could happen any time.