What’s The Point Of Celebrity Scandals?

The lives of celebrities are a major concern to many people around the world. These celebrities are stars in films, television series or theatre, and often do nothing more than perform in the role they are cast as. As a result of their performances being broadcast around the world for people to see these actors become famous, and many people choose to admire them or dislike them completely based on what they’ve seen on television.

Newspapers and magazines are quick to jump on the band wagon with whichever celebrity is popular at the time, finding out as much information about their past as possible and publishing it for people to read the world around. If a celebrity hasn’t had a glisteningly clean past, then details of the less reputable things they’ve done can be brought to light unbeknownst to the celebrity, resulting in a huge scandal that is only a scandal because the person happens to have played a part in a movie.

The point of celebrity scandals, from the point of view of the newspapers and magazines, is to gain the reader’s attention immediately, encouraging them to buy the published product. People will buy a newspaper or magazine if they see something interesting on the front cover, and celebrities with current films or television shows out are at the top of every publication’s priority list. While this might seem like news to many people, if they take a minute to really think about what they’re reading, they’ll realise that nobody has a spotless past, and it’s hardly surprising that a celebrity will have done something they’re not proud of before they grew up, or as they grow up.

Unfortunately celebrity scandals can ruin the lives of celebrities. When two celebrities are in a relationship and a publication decides to use a photo of one of them with someone else as a way to speculate about them being unfaithful, the relationship could be at risk. All celebrities face this, particularly if they’re involved with another celebrity, as both of them will constantly be in the lime light, and there’s no really way of telling the truth from a magazine or newspaper, as it’s quite often embellished. The real point of celebrity scandals is simply to sell copies of newspapers and magazines, and sadly there is nothing newsworthy about the articles written in this light, speculating about how bad a person is simply because they’re now famous.