Why Are Celebrities So Important?

Celebrities are people who get parts in theatre, television or movies and are seen around the world in their starring role as whatever part they’ve been cast as. The reason they’re famous is that they have done something great, but that doesn’t entitle them to fame for their entire lives. Some celebrities continue working well into their old age, and these are the people who deserve to be revered and followed by others around the world, as they’re continuing to make a difference in the world.

Nobody ever really thinks about why they enjoy reading about the lives of celebrities as opposed to the lives of normal people, as both are equally dull as each other until something major accidentally happens and they’re a part of it. Celebrities are very boring outside of their chosen profession, and even the media has to admit that saying a celebrity is depressed because they were seen without makeup is creating something out of nothing. People still enjoy reading this news however, even though it’s pointless and doesn’t benefit their knowledge of the world in any way.

Some celebrities go on to make a difference in the world, and some people are celebrities for the difference they have made. Donating a huge amount of money to a third world country to improve lives, and then helping to build a school that the money has funded is a truly remarkable thing to do, but people will still be more interested if two celebrities break up from a long term relationship.

To a degree the press take advantage of the fact that most people live boring lives, feeding them stories which are embellished to the highest degree. People who don’t care about what celebrities are doing often clash with those who do as a result, as there is so much news which is created about celebrities, but there’s constantly new things going on in the world which actually make a difference to people’ s lives.

Celebrities are so important because newspapers and tabloids need something to fill the holes in the news with. Often there are days of slow news, and it’s on these days that newspapers run stories on celebrities, detailing their lives and things they’re doing, but it’s very obvious to anyone who reads wider news that days of big celebrity news are days of slow news in the rest of the world, but people will still read whatever’s available.